Our lab focuses on the engineering applications of nanoscale motors. Such microscopic motors with the ability to create forces and drive active movement with high efficiency enable new approaches to a wide range of nanotechnologies, including biosensing, drug delivery, molecular assembly, and active materials.

Lab News

April 2015 - Megan Armstrong receives a NSF graduate fellowship.

November 2014 - Team Motorocracy achieves a Gold Project Award and wins 2nd Best Presentation as well as the 4th Annual MOLBOT Award at the Harvard BIOMOD Competition.

September 2014 - Henri Palacci joins the lab as graduate student.

July 2014 - The Hess group receives a grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to study transport processes on enzyme scaffolds.

July 2014 - The Hess group receives a DURIP grant from the Army Research Office to acquire a state-of-the-art fluorescence microscope.

Old News