Our lab focuses on the engineering applications of nanoscale motors. Such microscopic motors with the ability to create forces and drive active movement with high efficiency enable new approaches to a wide range of nanotechnologies, including biosensing, drug delivery, molecular assembly, and active materials.

Lab News

December 2015 - Siheng He successfully defends his PhD thesis!

November 2015 - The Nanolions receive a Bronze Award at the Biomod International Design Competition.

September 2015 - Amy Lam successfully defends her PhD thesis!

September 2015 - Yifei Zhang joins the lab as Postdoctoral Fellow.

September 2015 - Stanislav Tsitkov joins the lab as graduate student.

September 2015 - Neda Bassir Kazeruni joins the lab as graduate student.

June 2015 - Megan Armstrong receives the Columbia Engineering Grossman Scholarship.

Old News