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Joshua Jacobs, PhD. (CV)

Select Publications

Effect of stimulation

Direct Electrical Stimulation of the Human Entorhinal Region and Hippocampus Impairs Memory
Jacobs, J., Miller, J.F., Lee, S.A., Coffey, T.,Watrous, A.J. , Sperling, M.R., Sharan,A.D.,Worrell, G.,Berry, B.,Lega, B.,Jobst, B.C., Davis,K.,Gross,R.E., Sheth,S.A.,Ezzyat,Y., Das,S.R., Stein,J., Gorniak,R., Kahana,M.J, Rizzuto,D.S. (2016).
Neuron, 7 December 2016, Volume 92, Issue 5, p983–990 [pdf]

Firing Rate Map

Traveling Theta Waves in the Human Hippocampus
Zhang, H., Jacobs, J. (2015).
Journal of Neuroscience, September 9, 2015, 12477-12487.[pdf]

Firing Rate Map

Repeating Spatial Activations in Human Entorhinal Cortex.
Miller, J.F., Fried, I., Suthana, N., Jacobs, J. (2015).
Current Biology, April 2015, 1080-1085. [pdf]

Firing Rate Map

Direct recordings of grid-like neuronal activity in human spatial navigation.
Jacobs, J., Weidemann, C.T., Miller, J.F., Solway, A., Burke, J.F., Wei, X., Suthana, N., Sperling, M.R., Sharan, A.D., Fried, I., Kahana, M.J. (2013).
Nature Neuroscience, 16, 1188-1190. [pdf, Supplemental, Task Movie]


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