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Columbia University, Department of Bioengineering


The goal of our work is to characterize the neural signals that represent individual memories. To do this, we study brain recordings from epilepsy patients with implanted electrodes and examine how the recorded signals correspond to behavior in cognitive tasks. Our current work focuses on two areas: spatial and recognition memory. Using this approach, we have identified neural signals that represent specific memory information, including the individual locations in spatial memory and representations of individual verbal items in working memory.


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Select Publications

Direct Electrical Stimulation of the Human Entorhinal Region and Hippocampus Impairs Memory

Jacobs, J., Miller, J.F., Lee, S.A., Coffey, T.,Watrous, A.J. , Sperling, M.R., Sharan,A.D.,Worrell, G.,Berry, B.,Lega, B.,Jobst, B.C., Davis,K.,Gross,R.E., Sheth,S.A.,Ezzyat,Y., Das,S.R., Stein,J., Gorniak,R., Kahana,M.J, Rizzuto,D.S. (2016).
Neuron, 7 December 2016, Volume 92, Issue 5, p983–990 [pdf]

Traveling Theta Waves in the Human Hippocampus

Zhang, H., Jacobs, J. (2015).
Journal of Neuroscience, September 9, 2015, 12477-12487.[pdf]

Repeating Spatial Activations in Human Entorhinal Cortex

Miller, J.F., Fried, I., Suthana, N., Jacobs, J. (2015).
Current Biology, April 2015, 1080-1085. [pdf]


Demos & Videos

Explaining how brain stimulation can evoke memories.
Jacobs, J., Lega, B., Anderson, C. (2012).
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24(3), 553-563. [pdf]


Lab Members

Joshua Jacobs

Sang-Ah Lee

Jonathan Miller

Andrew Watrous
Shachar Maidenbaum
Honghui Zhang

Ansh Patel

Salman Qasim

Uma Mohan

Melina Tsitsiklis

Tamara Gedankien

Abhinav Goyal

Lab Alumni

Corey Novich

Omar Elfanagely

Hagai Lalazar

Shady El-Damaty

Anna Merzagora


Our research is supported by DARPA, National Institutes of Health & National Science Foundation


Dr. Michael Kahana
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Michael Sperling
Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Ashwini Sharan
Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Joseph Tracey
Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Ithzak Fried

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