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About Us

REBL Innovations is a senior design team from Columbia University, determined to prolong the lifetime of ventriculoperitoneal shunts used for hydrocephalus, and improve the happiness of patients that use them.

The four members of our team are each responsible for different aspects of the company, but are all committed to developing the best shunt possible.

Rendely, Matthew Chief Executive Officer
Elizondo, Chris Chief Financial Officer
Burga, Rachel Chief Technical Officer
Lu, Pamela Chief Marketing and Regulatory Officer






Matthew Rendely

Cell & Tissue Engineering Track. Researches microfluidic point-of-care devices in Dr. Samuel Sia's Lab.


Chris Elizondo

Biomechanics Track. Serves as President of the Engineering Student Council.


Rachel Burga

Cell & Tissue Engineering Track. Researches osteochondral interfaces in Dr. Helen Lu's Lab.


Pamela Lu

Biomechanics Track. Researches induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Dr. Jung-Chi Liao's Lab.



REBL Innovations 2011