A means of improving venepuncture

for low-resource pediatric intensive care units

An Addressable Need

Children's hospitals report that 50 - 66% of venepuncture attempts fail. This leads to multiple puncture attempts which causes complications including infection, phlebitis, and nerve injury. A failed cannulation wastes, on average, 20 minutes of the nurse's time and costs the hospital $24. This amounts to $270,000 annually.

"The nurses at the Mulago Hospital in Uganda have great difficulty establishing venous access in neonates. The complications arise from difficulty in locating the small veins on the dorsal of the neonate’s hand."

- Dr. Nakakeeto-Kijjambu

Our Solution

We are creating a low cost aid to vein visualization that functions on the principles of transillumination. Other solutions are bulky, expensive, and require significant training; our device is specifically designed for low resource settings where power isn't always available.

Our Team

We are five seniors that have come together at Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science to attack this problem. With the help of our advisors, mentors, and professors we have combined our skills in electrical engineering, programming, and our medical knowledge to bring the developing world relief from this issue.

Our solution is based on hard science and backed by solid testing.


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