Hillman Lab Research

Our laboratory develops advanced in-vivo optical imaging, microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to investigate the function of living tissue. Our main focus is on understanding the regulation of blood flow in the brain (neurovascular coupling). Additional projects include dermal, cardiac and molecular imaging, brain development, cancer pathogenesis, medical device development and translational medicine.

Lab News ......... (old news)

11/01/17 3 Post-doctoral positions available! Apply here

07/18/17 Hillman Lab relocates to the shiny new Columbia University Zuckermen Mind Brain Behavior Institte in the Jerome L. Green Science Center.

07/01/17 New BRAIN inititiative RF1 funding to understand the neural basis of resting-state fMRI - AND U19 funding to understand motor control! Read More.

5/25/17 New Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain grant to apply SCAPE to imaging fly brain state. Read More.

11/08/16 SCAPE Licensed to Leica Microsystems for applications in the Life Sciences!

12/15/16 New Resting-State paper in PNAS!! Read More. See also our tutorial paper on Wide-Field Optical Mapping -- image neural activity accross the brain using GCaMP!

01/21/15 SCAPE microscopy paper published in Nature Photonics.

06/12/14 Our new endothelial hypothesis, Scientific American MIND and Annual Reviews Neuroscience. Read more.