Cardiac Imaging

By perfusing living heart tissue with voltage or calcium sensitive dyes, it is possible to use light to measure the electrical activity corresponding to functional activity. While 2D optical imaging of the outer surface of the heart using voltage sensitive dyes is fairly well established, it is a significant challenge to be able to image the propagation of electrical waves that are not traveling in a plane perpendicular to the heart wall.

Skin imaging

In this project, we are working with collaborators at SUNY upstate medical university to develop optical imaging methods capable of imaging the transmural propagation of light in the living, perfused heart. So far, we have applied Laminar Optical Tomography measurement techniques to image the voltage sensitive fluorescence changes corresponding to endocardial and epicardial stimulation.

Related Publications

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National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Collaboration with Dr Arkady Pertsov, Department of Pharmacology, SUNY Upstate Medical University (R01HL071635 subcontract).


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