12/16/16 Dr Hillman named SPIE and AIMBE Fellow,

6/21/16 New Paper in J Neurosci, and book chapter on Neurovascular Development in the brain. Read More

09/01/15 BRAIN Initiative grant awarded to further develop high-speed 3D SCAPE microscopy!

10/29/2015 Dr Hillman named OSA Fellow

8/01/15 New paper on adaptive optics correction for two-photon microscopy.

09/01/15 Congratulations Mohammed on your F30 felllowship!

02/22/14 Dr Hillman presents Plenary lecture at NextMed / MMVR21

02/21/13 New paper in PNAS! Read more about neonatal neurovascular coupling. See also Editorial in Imaging in Medicine

11/3/13 New paper in Neuroimage on intraoperative human brain imaging and the 0.1 Hz hemodynamic oscillation!

06/10/13 Congratulations Mariel, Dan and David on winning F31, R25 and RSNA felllowships!

12/26/13 Dr Hillman interviewed on NPR

06/01/12 LFOI work featured in Cell Picture Show (#3) and Nature Photonics.

03-28-11 Dr Hillman has been awarded the 2011 OSA Adolph Lomb Medal. Read more

01-12-11 JCBFM article chosen as a Feature Article and Cover. See also our new papers in Neuroimage and PLoS ONE

08-20-11 Brenda's future husband makes the cover of Nature - Congrats Sol!!

01-20-11 Dr Hillman invited to join the Kavli Institute for Brain Science at Columbia University

12-05-10 Our DyCE technology (licensed to CRi) was voted 6th in 'Top 10 Innovations of 2010' in The Scientist F1000 magazine!

04-27-10 Grad student Lauren Grosberg wins OSA Biomed Poster Prize!

02-19-10 Dr Hillman is now an Associate Editor for Biomedical Optics Express.

01-23-10 Dr Hillman wins 5 year NSF CAREER award. Read more.

10-17-09 Brenda Chen, Addason McCaslin and Sarah DeLeo attended this year's Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago. Brenda and Addason presented posters on their work

10-1-09 Dr Hillman will co-chair the "Brain" session at the SPIE NIH Inter-Institute Workshop on Optical Diagnostic and Biophotonic Methods from Bench to Bedside.

8-20-09 New Paper in Optics Express by Matthew Bouchard and Brenda Chen.

7-2-09 Dr Hillman selected to Chair the 2011 Engineering Conferences International "Advances in Optics for Biotechnology, Medicine and Surgery XI" meeting along with Daniel Elson from Imperial College London, and Reid Thompson from Vanderbilt University.

5-26-09 Graduate student Cyrus Amoozegar's poster abstract was selected as a Hot Topics presentation at ECI Advances in Optics Conference 2009.

4-12-09 New Review of Scientific Instruments paper pulished online. Read more

4-9-09 NSF Graduate Fellowship awarded to graduate student Lauren Grosberg. Read more

3-27-09 Dr Hillman invited to serve as an Editor for Applied Optics.

2-18-09 Dr Hillman invited to serve as Program Chair for "Biological and Drug Discovery Imaging" at the OSA BIOMED meeting 2010.

2-10-09 Brenda Chen passed her qualifying exams and is now officially in the PhD Program. Congratulations Brenda!

2-5/9-09 Dr Hillman presented invited seminars on in-vivo optical imaging and microscopy of neurovascular coupling at the University College London Center for Neuroimaging Techniques, London, and at the University Paris Descartes, Paris.

12-9-08 Dr Hillman presented an invited Keynote presentation at the Dodd Walls Symposium on Photonics and Ultra-Cold Atoms in Queenstown, New Zealand followed by a seminar at the University of Auckland.

10-27-08 Laser and Photonics Reviews paper published online. Read More

10-19-08 Dr Hillman will give two invited talks at the OSA Frontiers in Optics (FIO) conference: ‘Best of The Topicals’ session talk “Multidimensional Functional Optical Imaging of the Brain”, and ‘Imaging of Mice and Men’ session talk “Mouse Organ Imaging”.

10-2-08 Dr Hillman will give an invited talk at the 2008 BMES conference entitled “'Optical Imaging of Transmural Cardiac Propagation”.

9-15-08 Two New Papers in Optics Letters by undergraduate senior Andrew Radosevich and grad student Sean Burgess Read more

9-1-08 Optical Techniques for Actuation, Sensing, and Imaging of Biological Systems (BioIGERT) program started. Led by Prof Kenneth Shepard (EE), this program will fund an interdisciplinary graduate program focusing on all aspects of biomedical optics. Dr Hillman is part of the executive committee for this grant and acts as Assistant Director for Instructional Programming.

8-1-08 Phase I SBIR grant funded: "In-vivo optical molecular imaging with Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DyCE)". Dr Hillman is key personel on this project with Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi) to commercially develop our dynamic molecular imaging technique.

4-15-08 Lab receives new NIH Funding. Dr Hillman has been awarded a 5 year, $1.66M grant from NIH / NINDS. Read more

3-31-08 Three Fellowships! Brenda Chen and Matthew Bouchard win prestigious graduate funding. Read more9-11-08 Dr Hillman co-chaired the “New Optical Instrumentation” session with Vasilis Ntziachristos at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC), Nice, France. 

3-28-08 Dr Hillman receives Rodriguez Family Junior Faculty Award from Columbia SEAS. Read more.

3-16-08 OSA Biomed 2008. We presented 5 talks and 2 posters in sunny Florida! Dr Hillman was a Program Chair at this meeting.

2-10-08 Sean Burgess passed his qualifying exams and is now officially in the PhD Program. Congratulations Sean!

1-1-08 NYSTEM equipment grant funded. Led by Dr Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, the Department of Biomedical Engineering will soon be home to a state of the art confocal / two-photon microscopy facility which also includes a small animal optical imaging system, a plate-reader and histology processing equipment.

11-21-07 New Paper in  Optics Express: “Depth-resolved optical imaging of transmural electrical propagation in perfused heart” Read More

11-1-07 Journal of Biomedical Optics Review Paper “Optical brain imaging in vivo: technique and applications from animal to man” is published Read more

10-22-07 Dr Hillman gave an invited presentation at LEOS 2007.

9-10-07 Dr Hillman presented at the SMI / AMI Joint Molecular Imaging conference. Abstract on Dynamic Imaging was ranked top 25 out of 1000 submissions.

8-20-07 Nature Photonics paper available online! Read more. See also: November issue of Biophotonics International!

05-18-07 Journal of Biomedical Optics, Review: “Optical Brain Imaging In-vivo: Techniques and Applications from Animal to Man” is in press.

03-28-07 - HFSP Funding!! The lab has received a 3 year grant from the Human Frontier Science Program. Read more

05-23-07 Matt Bouchard Wins yet more prizes read more

05-15-07 - Dr Hillman presents at the MIT McGovern  Institute’s symposium: “"Plumbing the Mind: Brain Activation and the Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow”    Read more

05-01-07 Read  about our two-photon work in “Getting up to speed with mirrors” in this  Biophotonics International Magazine

04-23-07 Dr Hillman presented “In-vivo optical imaging of hemodynamics and electrical activity” in the Columbia Electrical Engineering Optics Seminar series.

03-13-07 - Dr Hillman receives Faculty Development Award from Columbia University for proposal entitled “Construction of a custom in-vivo two-photon microscopy system”.

03-28-07 - HFSP Funding: Dr Hillman was awarded a 3 year grant entitled “In-vivo and In-vitro: cellular and neurochemical mechanisms of somatosensory neurovascular coupling” from the Human Frontier Science Program. Read more

02-20-07 - Dr Hillman presented "Imaging neurovascular coupling in-vivo: from single neurons to BOLD" at the Washington University Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in St Louis.

11-17-06  - NeuroImage paper: “Depth-resolved Optical Imaging and Microscopy of Vascular Compartment Dynamics During Somatosensory Stimulation” accepted for publication 

09-27-06 - Dr Hillman is Session Chair and Organizing Committee Member for “Optics in Neuroscience” session at the. National Institute of Health Fifth Inter-Institute Workshop on Optical Diagnostic Imaging from Bench to Bedside conference Read more.

07-13-06 - Dr Hillman gives Invited Presentation: “Functional optical imaging of brain activation: a multi-scale, multi-modality approach”, at IEEE/NLM Life Science Systems and Application Workshop, NIH Bethesda, MD Read more.

07-03-06 - Dr Hillman gives Invited Presentation and is Session Organizer and Chair (Imaging Brain Function and Disease): Presentation: “High resolution functional optical imaging of exposed cortex in-vivo”, at Gordon Research Conference: Lasers in Medicine and Biology, Holderness, NH. Read more.