In two recent papers, we presented the design and software implementation of our high-speed multi-spectral camera-based optical imaging system.

Sun R, Bouchard MB, Hillman EMC "SPLASSH: Open source software for camera-based high-speed, multispectral in-vivo optical image acquisition" Biomed Opt Expr, 1 (2), 385-397 (2010).

Bouchard M. B, Chen B. R, Burgess S. A, Hillman E. M. C, "Ultra-fast multispectral optical imaging of cortical oxygenation, blood flow and intracellular calcium dynamics", Optics Express, 17 (18), 15670-15678, (2009).

We are plased to offer details on how to construct your own system, as well as free access to our software package (SPLASSH = SPectral Light Acquisition Software for Signaling and Hemodynamics) which controls data acquisition using commonly available commercial components. This page will soon be updated with more detailed information, however, you can get started immediately by emailing your request for SPLASHH to Matthew Bouchard.





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