BMEN E6420 Advanced Microscopy

Instructor: Elizabeth Hillman
Next Offered: TBA

Course Objectives

Microscopy has become a vital tool for many areas of research, with cutting-edge techniques now commonplace in modern biomedical experimental protocols. A thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of these methods is essential for optimal use and development of these tools, and for accurate interpretation of results. This course will review a range of techniques including confocal and two-photon, atomic force and electron microscopy. The course will include lab sessions and applications-based literature case-studies as well as primers on modern microscopy image analysis and presentation


Physics C1401, C1402, C1403 or C1601, C1602, C2601 or C2801, C2802 or equivalent (general Physics sequence)

Suggested Text Book:

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging, by Douglas B. Murphy



BMEN E 3920 Biomedical Engineering Design I  

Instructor: Elizabeth Hillman
Next Offered: Fall 2012

Course Objectives

The goal of this two-semester "capstone" class is to provide you the opportunity to design a novel biomedical device/system/product, building upon the knowledge and skills that you have acquired so far during your undergraduate studies. We will consider all aspects of designing such a device, and bringing it to market. By the end of the second semester, you will have produced a working prototype of your product, and conducted quantitative evaluation of your design. You will work in groups of 4 or 5, and have a budget of $500 per project.

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