Hillman Lab Research

Our laboratory develops advanced in-vivo optical imaging, microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to investigate the function of living tissue. Our main focus is on understanding the regulation of blood flow in the brain (neurovascular coupling). Additional projects include dermal, cardiac and molecular imaging, brain development, cancer pathogenesis, medical device development and translational medicine.

Lab News

01/21/15 SCAPE microscopy paper published in Nature Photonics. Read more about our revolutionary new high-speed 3D microcopy technique!

06/12/14 Our new endothelial hypothesis, Scientific American MIND and Annual Reviews Neuroscience. Read more.

11/3/13 New paper in Neuroimage on intraoperative human brain imaging and the 0.1 Hz hemodynamic oscillation!

06/10/13 Congratulations Mariel, Dan and David on winning F31, R25 and RSNA felllowships!

02/21/13 New paper in PNAS! Read more about neonatal neurovascular coupling. See also Editorial in Imaging in Medicine

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